Ingame TipsEdit

A tip will appear on screen every time you enter a realm or dungeon if Show Tips is On. Here is a list of all of the tips. The game will show you all tips in order one at a time, and start back from the beginning once it has shown all of them.

  • Tip: Stay near the beach at first. Harder monsters live inland.
  • Tip: Other players can not hurt you, but they can help you!
  • Tip: Hit [O] to see all the keys and options
  • Tip: Escape to the Nexus by clicking the temple button
  • Tip: You earn fame when you die. Spend it in the Nexus!
  • Tip: Activate your special ability with either shift-click or a hotkey
  • Tip: Shift-Click a potion to drink it
  • Tip: Use the /tell command to talk to other players anywhere in the game.
  • Tip: Drag an item onto the world to drop it
  • Tip: Zoom the minimap with the mouse wheel
  • Tip: Click a yellow or green minimap dot to teleport to another player
  • Tip: Each inventory slot has a hotkey -- mouseover to see it
  • Tip: You can drink potions even if they are still on the ground
  • Tip: Rerun the tutorial by typing "/tutorial" in chat