1. Player Stats: Shows total class ranks and guild name when in the nexus, vault, and guild hall. Also shows any packages for sale when in nexus or the vault. If performance stats is turned on, the box will show up here.
  2. Fame and Gold: Shows the total amount of fame and gold on the account. Toggleable option to show gold purchase menu when double clicked.
  3. Mini-map: Small version of the game map, does not rotate (+ and - to zoom), with yellow dots for other people, green dots for people in your guild, red dots for monsters, and blue dots for portals.
  4. Nexus/Options Button: When in nexus, the options button accesses the option menu. Anywhere else, the nexus button takes you to the nexus.
  5. Level/Experience bar: A green exp bar showing your progress to the next level. When you reach level 20 this will turn into an orange fame bar, showing how much fame you need for your next class quest. Hovering over shows the current number of exp/fame.
  6. HP/MP bars: Hover over to see number out of max.
  7. Equipped items: Weapon, Ability Item, Armor, and Ring
  8. Menu Tabs: Click on these to display your inventory, backpacks, or character stats.
  9. Inventory/Stats: When in your inventory or a backpack, displays the 8 slots in your bag, shift click or hotkeys (default 1–8) to use, or you can drag items. HP and MP potions are stored separately, up to a max of 6 each. When showing character stats, displays the character's Attack, Defense, Speed, Dexterity, Vitality, and Wisdom.
  10. Chat/Message area: Game messages and messages from other players (use Enter to start typing a message). Regular messages will go to the whole realm, or nearby players if in nexus.
  11. Proximity Menu: If you are standing near a chest or item bag, this area will show the items inside (you can drag these into your bag). If you are standing near a portal, a button here will allow you to enter. If you are standing near an item in the nexus store, a button here will allow you to buy it. Otherwise, if there are other players around you, this area will show the names and classes of up to 6 of them. By hovering on their names, you can see their level, equipment, remaining HP/MP and class quests completed. For entering a portal or buying an item, you may use the interact button (default 0) to enter/buy.