When your character dies, you earn fame after the great deeds your character has achieved. Fame can be used to buy certain items in-game, and also a requirement for completing Class Quests.

There is a certain "base fame" your character recieves, and the different achievements add a percentile bonus to this base value. Your total earned fame will be the sum of both.

How does one earn base fame?

  • Gaining experience. The more you have, the more fame you earn. It's advised to kill lesser gods and quest bosses, these give more xp thus fame comes faster. This relationship is very noticeable. The xp to fame ratio is 450xp/fame for the first 225 base fame, and 2000xp/fame after 225.

How does one earn bonuses?

  • Exploring the landscape. After a million tiles seen you gain 5% bonus fame, with the title of "Explorer". After 4 million tiles you recieve "Cartographer", which stacks with the Explorer, and means an additional 5% bonus.
  • Helping others to level up. You gain bonus fame if there are 100 level-ups in your company, along with the title "Team Player", and 10% fame bonus.
  • At your first death, you gain bonus fame and the title of "Ancestor".
  • At latter deaths, if you achieve more fame than last time with the same character type, you gain 10% bonus fame and the title "Firstborn".
  • If you complete each kind of dungeon, you'll recieve the title of "Tunnel Rat" and 10% bonus fame.
  • If you don't participate in killing any cubes, then you recieve the title "Friend of Cubes" and bonus fame. At level 20 only.
  • With good aim you also earn fame. Titles and fame are earned if you had at least 25% (title: "Accurate", with 10% fame bonus), 50% or 75% accuracy.
  • If more than 10% of your kills are gods, you recieve the title "Enemy of the gods" and 10% bonus fame. Requires level 20.

For the full list of Fame bonuses and percentages, as well as how Fame bonuses are calculated, view the Fame Bonuses page.